Chief Executive Officer: Dato’ Yeat Siaw Ping

Dato’ Yeat Siaw Ping

obtained his Engineering Diploma with Grade One from Federal Institute of Technology in 1983. He also obtained his MBA (marketing) from American Coastline University in 1999. Dato’ Yeat was a member of the American Institute of Management Science in 1999.

Between 1990 and 1996, he was appointed as the Managing Director of YSP Constructions Sdn Bhd. The company involved in industrial land development and building works. He has been involved in the building and construction industry for approximately 15 years and was previously involved in new developments in government and private projects in Malaysia.

Since 1998, he was primarily focused on the operations and the development of Bio Fertilizer. Being the Chief Executive Officer of IBG Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Yeat is responsible to oversee the development of IBG Group and seize any business opportunity for the company’s benefit.

He has the responsibility from time to time for all of IBG Group’s sales and manufacturing functions, and for all corporate staff functions, including, information technology, human resources, credit and collections, benefits, legal, treasury, and tax.

He has been the driving force behind IBG Group’s current success that has gained recognition as a competitive, fast growing and innovative R&D company in the Bio Fertilizer industry. He has worked extensively with the IBG Group’s R&D team in building a name for itself within a short period of time in the Bio Fertilizer industry.

Besides, he handles IBG Group’s corporate strategy development, performance improvement, mergers, acquisitions, start-ups, capitalization strategy, negotiations, legal transactions, purchasing strategy, cost analysis, product development, quality control, investments and decision support.



于1983年获得了苏黎世联邦理工学院的一级工程文凭。他于1999年荣获了American Coastline University的MBA(市场营销)学位。同年,他成为美国管理科学研究所的一员。

1990年至1996年,他被任命为 YSP建筑私人有限公司的董事经理,参与该公司的工业土地开发和建筑工程。他从事建筑行业15年,也曾参与马来西亚政府和私人项目的新发展。

自1998年以来,拿督叶绍平主要专注于生物肥料的经营和发展。作为IBG Manufacturing Sdn Bhd的首席执行员,他除了监督IBG集团的发展,还在IBG生物肥料的销售和制造方面,以及公司的行政,包括信息技术、人力资源、信贷和收款、福利、法律、财政和税务作出贡献。



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