IBG Vision

To be the premier purveyor of best quality biofertilizer in the world.

IBG Core strengths & competitive advantages

As a pioneer in this biotechnology industry, IBG have acquired the Bio Nexus Status and tax incentives from Malaysia Bio Technology Corporation. IBG has also been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and MS ISO/IEC 17025 laboratories accreditation. Last but not the least, team members of IBG is the critical asset for the company. We are committed to work as a team to facilitate the vision and mission of the company.

IBG Mission

Strived to increase at least 30% crop yield margin gains by committed to implementation of advanced bio-technology, modern and competent business management, and excellent customer service.

Aspired to produce environmental friendly and finest biofertilizer in order to enhance crop yield and productivity gains over time.

Balanced goals of superior profitability and return on investment, leadership market positions, and superior products and services.

IBG Philosophy

Rehabilitate and improve soil health is our responsibilities towards saving the environment for the world.

IBG 愿景


IBG 的核心优势和竞争优势

作为生物科技领域的先驱,IBG获得马来西亚生物科技公司的生物科技核心地位认证(Bio Nexus)和税务优惠奖励。

IBG也拥有ISO9001:2015认证和 MS ISO/ IEC 17025实验室认证。为了实现我们的愿景和使命,每位IBG员工都在团队精神合作上扮演着重要的角色。

IBG 使命




IBG 理念


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